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2nd Annual Lime Light Gala

by Desiree Raucci
The HEADstrong foundations Lime Light Gala in honor of Nick Colleluori

            On Friday, March 23rd The HEADstrong Foundation hosted their 2nd annual Lime Light Gala.  The HEADstrong foundation was founded by Nicholas “Head” Colleluori, a bright, ambitious lacrosse playing and wholehearted young man that lost his life too early to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Following his diagnosis he created the foundation to create awareness of blood cancer and help other afflicted by the disease, after his death his parents and brothers have kept his legacy and dream alive. Since Nick was an avid Lacrosse Player through high school and then went on to play for Hofstra University for College. The HEADstrong foundation is active in the Lacrosse community and Nick’s signature green laces have become a nationwide trend. All and all the foundation has raised over 2 million dollar in the just the past 2 years!

            The Lime Light Gala was held at the Hyatt Hotel, and was nothing short of a magical evening. Hundreds gathered together to keep Nick’s foundation going and making it even better than he could have imagined. Of course the themed color of the evening was lime green, and the signature drink the “nicktini” was also green and delicious! A cocktail hour started off the evening and a silent auction, which was giving away beautiful jewelry, wonderful vacations and even a cheese steak making class with Tony Luke Jr. After the guests bid on their items of choice the crowd was ushered into the ballroom for speeches, dinner and live music. Adorned as the centerpiece were giant glass vases filled with limes. Which I thought was a creative touch! Salad was served and then Nick’s mother Cheryl took the stage to tell Nick’s story and what the foundation has accomplished in his name. Her speech was so beautiful that the whole room had tears in her eyes when she finished, and a loud round of applause and standing ovation followed.  A live auction was held later in the night, which caused an uproar of laughter and extravagant bidding. After dinner was served a live band took over the stage and the night took off on a lighter note.

            All and all the gala was a magical evening; the vision that Nick had created has been turned into a wonderful and helping foundation that has raised a great deal of money in his honor. Even though the foundation was created on the loss of a young and ambitious soul, the work in which he had done in his short time here has been more than some over the age of 85 can say. And in Nick’s words, “Make use of the time you have and don’t stress the little things. Have a smile and enjoy what you can get out of life.

To support and donate to the HEADstrong foundation please visit for more information!

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