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A Book I'm Seeing Everywhere: The Room

by Kirsten Stamn

As I was digging into my enormous cheeseburger at Continental the other day, I noticed a woman at the bar reading this book. She was completely immersed in its pages and my interest was piqued. Shooting a questioning look at my boss, he immediately recognized the cover and said that The Room: A Novel has been grabbing serious attention in the book world since its debut in September.  

Written by Emma Donoghue, The Room is written in the perspective of a five-year-old boy who has been raised entirely in one tiny room.  Never knowing of the outside world, this frighteningly realistic novel is terrifying and impossible to put down. I started reading it recently and am at once horrified and deeply impressed.  Donoghue is amazing at capturing the thought-process of this little boy and creates almost a completely different language. It's hard to understand at first, but sooner or later you get so wrapped up in it that the rhythm of speech is incredible.

I've seen people reading it everywhere now. I highly recommend you all do the same.

Here's the link to its page.

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