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Album Review: MusiqintheMagiq

by Esau Howard
6 Albums in, is there still Magiq in the Soulchild's Musiq?

In case you may of missed it, this summer marked the release of Musiq Soulchild’s 6th studio album. Of course as all great music aspires to be timeless, this album should certainly be no exception to the rule. The Philadelphia Native  has always taken a unique approach to the records he crafts, and Musiqinthemagiq is yet another look at the artist’s eclectic tastes.

Though the commercial anticipation for the album doesn’t match his past releases, the ambition of it has brought forth some of Soulchild’s best work to date. If nothing else, the album shows that this is a singer who finds true inspiration from all eras of music. This is evident in the song “Love Contract, which serves as a modern day ode to the Mo Town sound of the 60’s. “Anything”, The Swizz Beatz produced lead single for the album is a quality mash up of jazz inspired sounds. The instrumentation on the track is distinct, and compliments the Soulchild’s vocals well.

Of course with every Musiq Soulchild album, it’s within the lyrics that the magiq truly lies in. If Musiq has proven nothing else in his career, it’s that his ability to craft poetic songs into melody keeps him far ahead of the pack. Ballads such as “Do we have to”,  and “Back To Where” are genuine pieces that touch on the every day struggles that come with love and relationships. His songs have a spoken word feel to them, a credit  to his musical style and mastery of the neo soul sound.

Not straying too far from past releases, Soulchild provides an album that the masses would surely appreciate. His consistency at album making is one that is very under appreciated in a market which is over saturated with redundant, disposable music. Longtime fans will find themselves comparing it to other memorable works, while newer listeners can easily embrace this album as a great jumping on point. Musiqinthemagiq is the definitive compliment to a catalogue that is as diverse as it is infectious. As the track of the same name suggests, if you ever find yourself asking if this is album stands the test of time, the answer is “Yes”.

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