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Album Review: The Pimps of Joytime & Pimpin' Music 101

by Ryan O'Connell
Brooklyn-based band releases a remix EP, Janxta Funk!

I did not know who the Pimps of Joytime were until I saw them a few months ago, opening for See-I at Union Transfer in Philly. And in reality, I didn’t really know who they were until a few songs into their set, when they realized that they had an awesome crowd in front of them and cut loose, ditching their set list and breaking out a bit. They were great. They were funky with hints of afro beat mixed in and despite a near danger in doing so, didn’t come off the least bit cheesy or unauthentic. They were real- something we should want from any band we see live and listen to.

But how would that translate to the studio? Part of what made them so much fun at that Union Transfer show was the amount of energy their songs produced and the electricity that subsequently flowed between the band and the crowd. Something like that usually gets lost in translation as far as how a band sounds on record is considered. Would the Pimps of Joytime fall victim to this or would they somehow be able to overcome it?

Judging by Janxta Funk!, an EP of remixes released this month, I’d say they are good to go. It’s only four songs but regardless- it’s an EP of four songs I listened to about six or seven times yesterday and even though today is still young, an EP I’ve listened to twice already this morning. Remix albums are always a sketchy proposition; usually depending on the people doing the remixing. Maybe it’s just me, but changing the tempo on a tune doesn’t really constitute a remix. That’s just slowing things down. I like my remixes like I like my boozey drinks- each one a little bit different than the last. That’s what the Janxta Funk! EP is- four funky fresh versions of Pimps’ tunes. It’s four party jams; four tunes perfect for bidding your time before the weekend comes.

The first song “Janxta Funk!” is straight up strutting music. Maybe that’s what “janxta” means. Who knows, who cares- that song makes me want to strut the streets of Philly like Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever. Look out world, Ryno is doing some strutting this weekend! The next tune, “Keep That Music Playin” has more of a world beat vibe and is very percussion heavy- but hot damn it’s groove heavy as well. Art Neville joins the band for “Africa U,” which has such a positive thumping stomp to it that the dude in the office next to me has twice complained about my foot tapping and the final tune, “Pimpin’ Music” is yup, just that…straight up pimpin’ music. Cue the choreographed pelvic thrusts, baby!

I don’t know when the Pimps of Joytime are coming back through the town, but they’re definitely worth checking out whenever that time comes. They’ve been non-stop touring since the last show at Union Transfer, bringing their pimp music back and forth across the county, complete with a swing through South by Southwest. Their Brooklyn based, so hopefully we’ll get some Philly love sometime soon.

But in the meantime, check out the Janxta Funk! EP. Party jams, dude. Party jams. It’s the perfect time of year for them.

You can preview the Janxta Funk! EP here.

Photos courtesy of the Pimps of Joytime.

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