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Art For The Cash Poor

by Haley Knight
Come rain or shine was appropriately placed on the flyers for the twelfth annual "Art For The Cash Poor" event that took place this past weekend, June 11th and 12th at the Crane Arts Building. Through bursts of rain and humidity art lovers hit the busy paths between rows of artists run booths to check out artwork from all mediums including; hand made jewelry, leather work, paintings and screen printing. The positive energy pumping through the building was backed by a sense of community from the artists partaking in the event. Stephanie Harvey one of the featured artists said, "I love doing events like this in particular because it's so locally based. There's a lot of art shows around the country that I have friends who travel to but it's really nice to see what people in the area are doing, just meeting people and making connections." While AFTCP was a treat for the eyes it was also an opportunity to take home a piece of the Philly art scene. Not only providing an opportunity to get to know the artists behind the work,the event was a chance for the artists to turn some profit from all their hard work. Kevin Kernan an artist at the event said, "Too many artists have their art sitting in their rooms collecting dust. Artists need to get out there and sell their art." At the end of the day it was hard to walk away from the show without a bag full of business cards and a head full of art inspired ideas. With artists happy to show off their work and a crowd that was eager to experience it AFTCP can start to look forward to more continued success.
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