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Arts Unleashed

by Kim-Thao Nguyen
University of the Arts hosts annual exhibit, featuring original work from students, alumni and faculty. Photos by Josh Pelta-Heller
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Earlier this month, the University of the Arts opened its doors to their annual exhibit and fundraiser, which features original works by students, faculty and alumni from one of the top art schools in the nation. In the Arts Unleashed exhibit are hundreds of truly original and functional creations from a wide range of disciplines, including paintings, drawing and prints, ceramics and sculptures, photography, mixed and digital media, and crafts. 

Viewers can expect to be intrigued by alumnus Marc Williams' elegantly fantastical custom gold jewelry, and baffled by the haunting charm of student Samatha Blankley's wide-eyed creatures crafted from wax and dog hair. A personal favorite is Leah Romero's sardonic but merry collection of postage stamps, "Dictators with Pets," which sternly includes Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot.

To see more pieces from Arts Unleashed, the gallery is also available to view online. Proceeds benefit the Sam S. McKeel Promising Young Artists Scholarship Fund, the largest source of scholarship for UArts students.

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