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Black Star @ TLA 09-11-11

by Mercedes Jones
True Bboy Apostles...

 Rock The Bells made another impression on Philly, bringing in Mos Def and Talib Kweli--the formidable and well dressed members of Black Star.  In true diva fashion the show started a restless four hours after the doors opened.  The theater was packed and everyone was determined to get a good eye line and the bragging rights that come with seeing Black Star perform live.  However, things did get a little testy when the crowd started booing turntable legend DJ Supreme and hype man Los--who disappeared, leaving Supreme to fend for himself.  J.Rocc came in and saved the day with skillful mixing and artistic blending of new hits and old favorites.   

All was forgiven when Black Star hit the stage, performing highly coveted solo hits like "Umi Says", "Get By" and their duet "Respiration".  Mid show, the group brought out Philly songbird Res, for a performance with Idle Warship album mate Talib Kweli.  

Mos played it cool in a shirt and tie, fitted striped pants, contrasting socks and classic loafers.  Drinking hot tea and spring water he provided the theatrics of the show with a trifecta of rapping, singing and dancing  (sidebar: has anyone noticed that Mos has turned into Michael Jackson?). Talib did alot of the sweating.  Working the stage in a more aggressive manner, he vigorously took to spreading his word from one end of the stage, to the other.  

In about a hour and a half's time the duo gave a well rounded performance, that was the perfect combination of drama, adrenaline and hip hop.  Now that's the stuff a good show is made of! 

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