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Carmena Ayo-Davies and 3BG Marketing Solutions

by James Boney
Bringing a touch of class to the high energy, in your face world of public relations

The work of a successful public relations representative is never done. And Carmena Ayo-Davies, owner and operator of 3BG Marketing Solutions, is a living testament to this fact. Getting their start in 2006, 3BG has made noticeable impact in the Philadelphia event scene. From hosting charity events aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia, to engineering birthday extravaganzas for local celebrities, 3BG has successfully crafted a marketing approach that caters to a host of clientele.

3BG’s client list is as diverse as the services they provide. It’s not uncommon for Ms. Ayo-Davies to be working diligently to generate press for a relatively unknown local entrepreneur, while simultaneously handling the event details for an A-list celebrity athlete like Michael Vick.

Over the past several weeks, Two.One.Five Magainze was fortunate enough to not only chat with Ms. Ayo-Davies, but many of her clients as well. And the universal feeling among her client population was that 3BG Marketing Solutions, lead by Ms. Ayo-Davies, has an undeniable enthusiasm. “I have a genuine passion for the work. I truly love what I do,” she tells me at Kings Oak in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. “I have found that by being an honest and open person, people will respond positively to that.”

During her undergraduate studies at Cabrini College, Ms. Ayo-Davies knew she had the entrepreneurial spirit yet did not know exactly where that would take her. “Getting out of college I had like 2million jobs,” she tells me with a smile on her face. “But I became intrigued with marketing after spending time at all types of events. From there I started doing promotions for liquor companies and I just loved it.”

At this point in her career, Ms. Ayo-Davies was not exactly a fish out of water. At the age of 21, she had already owned her own beauty supply store.  “Moving forward, I knew I had to surround myself with people that loved what they do as much as I do.” So far, she has stayed true to her word. As it currently stands, 3BG Marketing Solutions employees a staff of 6 people dedicated to engineering a wide variety of marketing campaigns. 

Her first step towards success came via Renee Reese, the wife of former Philadelphia Eagle, Ike Reese. From that first event, Ms. Ayo-Davies began to develop a strong client list by recommendation. “I am just a genuine person, and I truly love the people I work for. But I can also be very honest.”  There is no question that Ms. Ayo-Davies injects a heavy dose of reality into her work. “I am not about telling people what they want to hear; I am about telling people what the need to hear.”  This strategy seems to be working. 3BG has a managed to develop an undeniably diverse client list. From A-list celebrities, to local business people, to interior designers, 3BG has developed a versatile strategy for generating buzz.

Like any driven business person, Ms. Ayo-Davies’ work never seems to be finished. “I am always looking for an opportunity to grow – to find new and exciting ways to help our clients.” For 3GB Marketing Solutions, growth may include the big apple. “I am currently working on some very exciting opportunities in New York City. But don’t worry,” she adds, “Philadelphia is still where my heart is.”

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