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Concert Review: Battles

by Liz DeMartino
Battles Bring Math Rock to the TLA
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Despite losing their fourth member of the band a few years back; Battles strives to create new sounds. The drummer is a beast and why wouldn't he be. John Stanier is the former drummer of Helmet. If you know Helmet then you know how amazing of a drummer he really is. Ian Williams is the keyboardist/guitarist who is going crazy during the shows. Rounding out Battles is Dave Konopka bassist/guitarist. This band is one to listen to. No singer and with their sound a singer is not needed. They are often labeled as a Math Rock band. Battles combines many different styles into their sound and they always are playing in front of screens that have different things and people projecting on them. They definitely have a stage presence. Battles is hands down a show you must see.

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