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Concert Review: Jill Barber at World Cafe Live

by Alex Telischak
Folk and jazz from north of the border
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Everything old is new again. Maybe it’s the influence of TV shows like Mad Men, bringing in the popularity of retro clothes and a good stiff drink. Jill Barber’s performance Thursday night at World Cafe Live could easily have been a scene from that show.

Ms. Barber mixed  in both elements of jazz and folk during her forty-five minute set in support of the American release of her latest album, Mischievous Moon. She noted that the previous time she played Philadelphia with some other musicians, about five years ago, no one came to the performance, which is really a shame. She mixed various elements and styles together, seizing on elements of both a coffee house folk singer and Ella Fitzgerald, into her performance, with songs about love and romance.

Ms. Barber is a very talented singer and songwriter, as was made clear from the performance Thursday evening, as were the musicians that accompanied her. Hopefully, the next time she performs in Philadelphia, she’ll have the crowd she deserves and you’ll be there to see and hear it.

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