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Epicurean Fifth Brings the Heat to The Fire

by Sasha C. Mendez
France, Ganou, Verbatum Jones, and KQA bring the good vibes and diverse musicality to local hot spot (no pun intended). Photos by Jasmine C. Clarke.


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Sunday April 8th, the Epicurean Fifth’s Nya Tindal and Alexander Clinton of Kappa Alpha Psi hosted a performance show at The Fire featuring the fantastic talents of KQA, Verbatum Jones, France and Ganou, highlighted by the mixing mastery of DJ Sylo.  The evening performances served as the first follow-up show to the Fashion and Hip-Hop showcase held in November at the Goldilock’s Gallery, an event that was very well attended that featured local fashion vendors. The evening premiered the creative evolution of the musicians since their last show along with the newest artistic endeavors of the Epicurean Fifth.

The Epicurean fifth is a full-fledged artistic movement with musical affiliates and as The Fire became increasingly packed it was obvious that their art and music resonates with the  the dopest people Philly has to offer.The best way to describe the Epicurean Fifth would be a group of talented friends who believe in the motto of “enjoy yourself and the people around you”. They legitimately encapsulate art in every avenue, their initial inspiration coming from a Keith Haring sticker on Walnut Street. Since then, their art has grown from dog pins, buttons, badges, and prints, to a variety of pop culture staples that are making waves within the Philly arts scene. Contact: Kenneth Sullivan  for prices and pieces. 

The show opened with France, newly turned twenty-one year old lyricist representing Cheltenham performing his "Rolling Out" track that had the crowd going bananas. This is an artist who does not hold back incorporating personal experience into his music "I rap like I talk, you have to rap for is about giving your all to something". His music reads like a narrative on love and relationships. Listening to France is more like a musical examination of life in the the way Kanye reads like an examination of society. With France you always walk away with something. "My music is about perseverance and not focusing on the negatives, life is about moving away from the past", said France. As a rapper who began in 2010, France is still evolving his music style, he created a distinct sound by fusing the "gritty sound of Philly" with the more "laid back" party vibes of California. 

To get a feel of France's flow:

 Follow France on twitter: @/WhoGotFrance 

Ganou, gifted with a ethereal voice and keyboard playing skills was the sole female performer of the evening. Ganou (a pet name for the name Morgan in French that conveniently acknowledges her French roots and combines her initials) is a producer and vocalist. She began her performances with a cover of "Hey Ya" that left many of the crowd speechless. It was an almost spiritual rendition. Her voice and serene vibes cause an almost mystical effect. She had the crowd enthralled with her simplistic take on songs with a voice that can nail complexity with mind boggling ease and an awesome hint of raspy. Her inspirations come from her high school love of Deadmaus, the Baths, and a household that played every type of music. "I have something to say through music. I want people to grab emotions to relate to mine. Even if people aren't sure of the place I'm coming from they can apply the emotion to their lives".  

Ganou has three new songs up:

Follow Ganou on twitter: @morGANefOUse

Verbatum Jones' performances are the stuff that make Philly performances magical, Will Smith "Summertime" style. Jones, inspiration for the event, musical artist, and owner of one of the most gnarly beards in the city (as a visual marker of representation of city/form of homage to Philly) has a gift of blending feel good music with social contentiousness that result in addictive songs with a punch. Originally from Brooklyn, Jones creates unique style of "butt loads of high energy" and effortless audience connection. As per the Epicurean Fifth model this is an artist who collaborates with people he has come up with--really living his motto of "everybody eats". "Every man should grow a beard", said Jones. Truer words were never spoken.   

Jones' current EP is called (verb). To get a sense of the Verbatum flow visit:

Follow Verbatum Jones on twitter:  @VerbatumJones        

Along with being a representative of the Epicurean Fifth’s artistic movement, Kenneth Sullivan aka KQA is an engineer, producer, and rapper. Coupled with those impressive credentials, Sullivan hails from Germantown and Cheltenham and injects honest “Philly Shit” within witty quotable one-liners in his rap style. His performance aesthetic has the presence that gets people groovin' and head boppin' with a quickness. As the closing act of the show, Sullivan's performance branded the night with an Epicurean Fifth stamp of artistic  excellence. Contagious energy and a smooth lyrical flow is the Sullivan hallmark. "Bringing down the House" pretty much delivers exactly what it promises in the title. Sullivan shut it down delivering a performance saturated in awesome musicality.

To check out Sullivan's five track album visit:

Follow Sullivan on twitter: @kennyorKQA

Be on the lookout for these artists, they are each incredibly talented and super fun people to be around. An Epicurean Fifth show and artists are an experience that needs to be had by any Philly music lover. 

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