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FDR Benefit-Skate Deck Art Show at Tattooed Mom

by Sasha C. Mendez
Pop art shows need to be in gritty places, not in galleries or coffee shops. Photos by Liz DeMartino
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For the past fifteen years, Tattooed Mom, one of the cities coolest dive bars, has been a haven for lovers of the eccentric, punk rock, and good beer alike. As one would expect from any kooky South Street venue, there is an almost intoxicating blend of “good people” and “good vibes” going down in this bar of nostalgic party-bag toys (spider rings, Dum Dum lollipops) and interesting liquor options.

 What sets Tattooed Mom’s apart from the typical South Street flashiness, is its strong sense of supporting the community. Aside from its ‘Sunday Arts & Crafts Night’, ‘Taco Tuesday s’, and it’s continuous role as a meeting ground for the Philadelphia Beard Club, Tattooed Mom is a strong engager of arts within the city.

I met with’s very own, Liz DeMartino and the illustrious Chubbs, bartender of Tattooed Moms, both of whom are involved with bar’s role in promoting both local and national art. It is worthy of note that my socializing primarily took place within the spacious seating of one of the famed bumper car seats on the second floor of the bar. 

Tattooed Moms has two floors with two different atmospheres. The ground level has a bar, chill vibe, and more traditional restaurant styled seating and eating. The second floor (also equipped with bar) is the Alice in Wonderland equivalent of  design space; bumper cars are the prized area of seating, pool tables are at the ready,  and where every plentiful nook and cranny is etched with the artwork of its patrons, including those of Shepard Fairy.

Often in coordination with Fourth Fridays, ‘T-Mom’ curates a thematic art exhibition.  The Tattooed Mom’s art shows jump started in collaboration with the Philly Arts Collective, which is a series of pop art shows that involve drink specials, good space, group art, and creative freedom.

Tattooed Mom was an ideal location as it is an approachable meeting ground for many different kinds of people, as indicated by its jukebox choices of the Sex Pistols, Sam Cooke, and Slayer, pointed out by Chubbs. Also Tattooed Mom has the necessary grit and personality to host pop art shows. “Pop art shows need to be in gritty places, not in galleries or coffee shops,” said DeMartino. “Art contributors can be anyone, we’ve has pieces shown by school teachers and old men”.

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