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Fact: Beyonce Has Still Got It, Maybe Even More Than Ever Before

by Bill Chenevert
Her new record, 4, a BET Awards performance and a Glastonbury Headlining gig are all proof of this fact.

If you were wondering how to feel about Beyonce's new record, 4, the answer is you should feel really good and listen to it until you're just about sick of it. Sure, "Run The World (Girls)," is a little bit of a flop. Didn't race up the charts so much. But, honestly, it's one of the tracks you should be least concerned with. The opener, "1+1," is heartbreakingly beautiful. And, well, seems like Jay-Z took himself a very un-edited camera phone video of her rehearsing in her dressing room. It is breath-taking. 

Then she headlined the last night of a massive European festival, and pulled out some absolutely flawless performances. She even leant one to the BET Awards. "End Of Time" is a total surprise. Horns, snares, energy, dancing, little charming Beyonce things. It WORKS. Buy the record now and start listening on repeat. 

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