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First Friday: Zachary Davis' Altered Reality

by Jaclyn Hardgrove
Zachary Davis is featured this month at the Fishtown gallery Extra Extra, where he molds various mediums like putty in his hands.
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If you stumbled upon Fishtown's Extra Extra this past Friday, you found yourself plunged into a surreal world, a pseudo-natural world. That's the theme of Zachary Davis' show Lowbeam; a rendition of nature that is slightly askew. With his use of sculpture, photography and film projections, Davis' show is unexpected and fresh. 

"I remember learning about this in physics," a friend of mine points to the oversized jar completely filled with transparent spheres, "it's an optical illusion." 

As we wander further through the gallery, we find strangely altered photos. A trio of large sculptures captures our attention. They are stamped with images, but the material isn't obvious. 

"Oh," a friend reads, "These are made from aquarium backing." Each piece seems to require careful attention. Finding a spread of white sand in the back room of the gallery, we marvel at images scampering across the tiny dunes. 

Extra Extra, a gallery that is co-curated by Derek Frech,  Joe Lacina and Daniel Wallace, is an artist-run space. The gallery is also sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit founded in 1998.

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