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Follow Friday: Meg Cabot

by Kirsten Stamn

            Remember those Princess Diaries books?  That’s when I first developed my girl crush on author Meg Cabot.  It seems as if the world agrees with me; Cabot has had multiple #1 New York Times bestselling books and, according to her website (, has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.  Even her adult fiction books, including Size 12 is Not Fat and Queen of Babble, have the same allure for me.  Why?  Because I only read Meg Cabot ‘s books because she’s just so hilarious.  Her Twitter account is my new guilty pleasure and enables me to get a daily dosage of Meg Cabot-ness instead of having to reread Avalon High for the millionth time.  Whether it includes detailed coverage of Russell Brand’s appearance on The Rachael Ray Show or having a nail polish fiasco in the bathroom, she never fails to entertain readers with her down-to-earth personality.  Quote of the week:

Bad news: if you eat all the Halloween candy, the hot new jeans you just ordered may not fit. Suggestion: throw out the Halloween candy NOW.

10:52 PM Nov 15th via

            Check her out and see for yourself at

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