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For Your Consideration: Aesop Rock's Skelethon

by Ryan O'Connell
A case for checking out the rapper's first album since 2007

I got turned on to rapper Aesop Rock about eight years ago, around the same time I was becoming obsessed with Atmosphere, a cohort of his at Rhymesayers. Rock’s gruff and merciless style was unlike anything I had ever really heard before. His flow sounded like it was straight up fist fighting its way through deep tunnels of gravel and boulders. Since then, the mere mention of Aesop Rock causes me to stop in my tracks faster than the mention of Olivia Munn having a topless scene in Magic Mike.

Needless to say, when I heard that his new album, Skelethon, his first since 2007’s None Shall Pass, was streaming online, it made was an otherwise slow and sluggish Wednesday morning infinitely more interesting.

For your consideration, I would strongly suggest checking Skelethon out. It is another brutally fantastic display of Aesop Rock’s talents- whether it’s as a rapper or a producer- of which he does both. Rock kicks out rhymes that will have you reaching for a dictionary as you bob your head to his militant beats accented by wild snare hits and jagged guitar shots.

There is no one else out there sounding like this dude and it’s been far too long since he came out with anything new. Rappers like Aesop Rock keep things fresh; keep us on our toes. It may be another five years before he comes out with anything new again, but if that’s the case, Skelethon will definitely hold us over while we wait.

And it will definitely make a boring Wednesday morning significantly more interesting.

You can preview Skelethon on Okayplayer’s site, among others.

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