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Jamhouse @ The Legendary Dobbs 08/02/11

by Mercedes Jones
Raw Life's weekly showcase is warming up...
Jam House @ The Legendary Hobbs 08-02-11 002

Usually when someone says artist showcase I cringe with fear, and let's face it, most can be really redundant and come off like a school talent show. Having said that I rolled through The Jamhouse at The Legendary Dobbs out of curiosity and of course a chance to see Dice Raw ham it up for the crowd.  Just like any other artist showcase, Jamhouse has some high and lows, but it won't disappoint.  Their weekly line up includes a diverse group of local and touring artist, and is proof that Raw Life has it's ear to the ground and knows what's going on in the underground scene, here in Philly.  

Last week's show included stand outs Born Infinite, a energetic DC rapper with decent rhyme skills and enough energy for the whole crowd.  Also worth mentioning, is Philly's own Chill Moody, who came through saying nice things, with his trademark "seriously chill" demeanor.  And no disrespect to group he was performing with, but DJ Cincere caught my ear, with some pretty impressive mixing.

Hosted weekly at the Legendary Dobbs, The Jamhouse is a good place for artist on a come up, industry cats and people looking for good drinks and a good show.  Music starts at 8PM sharp, so get there early.  Admission is free before 10:00pm, and $5 after.  Click here for Jamhouse's upcoming line up

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