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Just FYI: Expect Some Big Releases From Favorite Lady Rockers This Fall

by Bill Chenevert
Bjork and St. Vincent are hard at work on some discs that will be undoubtedly world-changing.

Full disclosure: I'm a huge St. Vincent fan. Marry Me was great, and then Actor blew us away. She's super-talented with, like, a dozen instruments, and has a way with words. Annie Clark will release Strange Mercy on 4AD September 13th, and we've been given some song titles, too: "Cruel," "Cheerleader," and "Surgeon." Brilliant! The same producer who worked with her last, John Congleton, is helming this one, too. My next question is "When are people going to catch on with this one?"


Then there's Bjork. Her newest project is called Biophilia. And she's unveiling some new material from it in a series of concerts in Manchester later this month. She's actually commissioned an Icelandic organ maker to create two instruments for the occasion: a MIDI-controlled organ, and an organ that's redesigned to sound like a gamelan. It gets weirder: she's created a video for pretty much every song. OK, that's been done before. But the kicker is that she's got a damn APP FOR EVERY SONG. Yes, like a song's called "Virus"? An app where you have to beat up cells and stuff to keep the song playing. I just don't know anymore. 

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