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Just FYI: There Are Going To Be Two New Sick Concert Venues

by Bill Chenevert
Remember the R5/Spaghetti Warehouse question? Oh, and a House of Blues in Fishtown.
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After a couple pops of news from Philebrity and a lovely post on The Swollen Fox, it looks like maybe it's really going to happen. That formerly ridiculous Spaghetti Warehouse space (Google mapped above) is going to be a concert venue after all. Everyone did a lot of speculating seeing Sean Agnew's name involved. Alas, no, R5 Productions are in cahoots in some respect, but it doesn't seem like we'll know exactly how for some time. 

Bowery Presents bought it! Yes! The omnipresent New York City concert umbrella has its eye on Philly, it seems. Those monsters own just about every mid-sized, heavy-hitting (read: popular and indie) venue in NYC that's not the Beacon or MSG: The Mercrury Lounge, The Bowery Ballroom, The Music Hall of Williamsburg, Terminal 5, etc. It's going to be called Union Transfer and house 800 people. We're even potentially seeing concerts there this fall AND BOOZING. Doesn't seem like Bowery will struggle to get their hands on a liquor license, does it. 

Finally, Live Nation's making moves on a new (huge) venue in Fishtown that'll give the Electric Factory a run for its money. Sounds like it'll fit 3,000 people in a 7,600 square foot warehouse at Richmond and Beach Streets, just a few blocks from Penn Treaty Park, the light rail, I-95 and the Girard El stop. It seems like the only struggle will be making sure angry Fishtown lifers don't have their say in if it stays or goes. Absolutely, we'll take a House of Blues in the hopes that we can see bands like Hall & Oates, and comedians like Bob Saget somewhere that's not Atlantic City. 

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