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Looking For Love This Valentine's Day

by Desiree Raucci
Some Of Philly's Hottest Young Bachelors and Bachelorettes On Putting The "Love" In Philly's Motto

For Valentines Day this year, we talked to some of Philadelphia’s hottest bachelors and bachelorettes about their outlook on love, the City’s dating scene and this upcoming big day.  Our subjects were selected from responses to our advertisement for this piece, and we seductively shot for the photo spread, and interviewed at a personal level.  These hotties were not afraid to share their positive attributes and what they are looking for most in a mate!

Ronald Draper from West Philly is one calm, cool and collected guy. He believes in true love even though he is flying solo this Valentines Day. Not that this singer of “20somethings” has a problem finding dates considering he’s quite easy on the eyes. There seems to be no new prospects in the Philadelphia dating scene. He wants that girl to engage him in good conversation over a simple dinner. Ron has always enjoyed Valentines Day but doesn’t believe in showing your love only one day out of the year.

Port Richmond’s All-American boy, Nick Ventrola has the same unenthusiastic outlook on the Philly dating scene. Once on a date that never made it through dinner, he now firmly believes in drinks before the meal. He’s got the look that he could woo any woman off her feet with his charm, and he can slam-dunk a basketball on a 9-foot rim. He’d love a night filled with good food, playful banter and making it through dinner all the way to dessert.

This South Philadelphia heartthrob Joseph Gionfriddo has been combing the city for the girl he can be himself around. If he’s not playing sports he’s hanging with his friends and they always have a great time. He could not describe his perfect date because he’s waiting to go on it one day. His type of girl would be able to make him laugh and compliment his attitude and style. Joe has decided to lay low this Valentine’s Day and go out with the guys.

Originally from Alabama, Julian Hartwell now resides in Philadelphia.  He’s all about listening to and making music. He might go out this Valentine’s Day, and perhaps he will run into the creative muse he’s been looking for.  He’s a sociable guy that would to enjoy a light dinner followed by a concert and ending in a romantic walk or more realistically a “barhop”. Julian is a true believer in fate and loving yourself before loving another.

Miles Ziskind a skateboarding artist from South Philadelphia has a comic view on dating and love. When he is not creating art or traveling you can find him kicking it at his work, Silk City. He described his perfect date as anything the beautiful lady would like to do, and if course he'll bring the funds. He doesn’t hold any super high expectations for his next mate, just someone with confidence, emotional strength and some humor.

Rittenhouse native Nick Gianos has an optimistic view on love and believes there is someone for everyone. He isn’t too fond of Valentines Day this year because he’s single, but goes all out when he’s with a date. This shy, funny guy would enjoy a nice night in Center City and a few stiff drinks, He’s keeping his eyes open for the girl to compliment his all around cuteness.

Nina Carroll, born and raised in Baltimore, knows what she wants out of love and wont settle until she gets it. Harboring a pessimistic view on Valentines Day, this year she’s throwing an Anti V-day bash. This beauty that recently signed up on has been bombarded with awful dates, but she’s hoping for a man to save her and to take her to a Sixers or Eagles game followed by dinner. She believes timing has everything to do with love and she’s willing to wait.

The lovely Ginger Lemon, from East Greenville, PA, is a beauty with brains.  A research scientist, Ginger describes herself as a “pragmatic princess” she wants to believe in the fairy tale stories of true love, like the knight in shining armor but reality comes into play. She has no plans for this upcoming Valentines Day but hopes in the future to be spending it with the man she can call her best friend. When she isn’t in her lab coat she enjoys modeling, roller-skating and blogging.

Heather Bethea who resides in the Fairmount section of Philly thinks everyone should recognize Valentines Day and its “sexiness”. She claims Philadelphia is not her dating scene, she would rather be swept off her feet by a gentleman with southern sweetness. No plans of yet for this years holiday but is open to suggestion. Heather enjoys yoga, reading a good book, and taking long walks. She’d love to find someone with similar interests who loves people and has a positive outlook on life.

Emily Lader, a laidback Art History major who recently moved to the Italian Market area thinks you recognize true love down the road after you’ve experienced life together. This Valentines Day she’s going out to enjoy a simple, romantic dinner with a lovely date. This beautiful and well cultured, strong personality won’t have a hard time finding the love of her life.

It seems that the idea of true love and romance is not completely forgotten in the city of Brotherly Love. Perhaps it’s a little harder to find the mate to possess all the qualities you would like, but if you keep your eyes and ears open true love will be sure to find you.  Along with the rest of the singles in Philly, do not give up hope for when you love yourself the most or when you are least expecting romance is when you will be swept off your feet. 

Editorial contributions to this article by Angelique Hunter and Tina Johnson.  Styling by Angelique Hunter, with generous assistance from Christian Smith, Christine Walker and Tamar Taylor.

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