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Mash-update! Mic Check 1234! by Max Tannone

by Ryan O'Connell
NYC mash up artist's latest release brings together hip hop and punk

Good news- Max Tannone is back. The New York City mash-up artist recently dropped Mic Check 1234!, his latest collection of smashed up jams from different sides of the world. It’s awesome. This time around Tannone, who used to go by the moniker Minty Fresh Beats, sticks hip hop and punk rock in a boat and lets them fly off into the wild blue yonder together. I know- I’m mixing metaphors, but on purpose. This is post about a new mash up album. It’s only fitting.

Previously Tannone has mashed up Mos Def and reggae (Mos Dub, released in 2010,) Talib Kweli and reggae (Dub Kweli, also released in 2010,) Jay Z and Radiohead (Jaydiohead and Jaydiohead: The Encore, released in 2009,) new and old Beastie Boys (Doublecheck Your Head, released in 2009) and prior to Mic Check 1234!, a mash up of Ghostface Killah and classic afro beat (Ghostfunk, released in 2011.) Probably the biggest compliment you could pay Tannone is that none of these albums sound as clumsy as they could and sound much tighter than you’d expect. The same could be said for Mic Check 1234!

On Mic Check 1234, the worlds of hip hop and punk are combined, forming the most unlikely successful duo this side of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins. Dead Prez mixed with the Sex Pistols, Black Star mixed with the Ramones, Black Thought, Dice Raw and Peedi Crack mixed with the Dead Kennedys, Tupac mixed with X, Nas mixed with the Adolescents and much more. Passing this along to a friend, his first response was that Operation Ivy and M.O.P. mash up was insane. I agree, wholeheartedly. It is insane. Tannone might be insane- but in the best possible way.

Even more insane? You can download this for free. Free, as in no money, leaving you plenty of money to go out and buy the Twins DVD as you’re not doubt thinking about it since I referenced it.

You can download Mic Check 1234! at Tannone’s Soundcloud page.

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