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Concert Review: Matt Skiba and The Sekrets

by Liz DeMartino
The Alkaline Trio member brings his side project to Philly.
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Matt Skiba and The Sekrets kicked off their album release tour of Babylon in Chicago with Philadelphia being their third stop on their tour. You may know Matt Skiba as a member of Alkaline Trio. Matt Skiba and The Sekrets is his side project where he carefully selected members of My Chemical Romance, Murder City Devils, and AFI. There has been a lot of blogs and chat rooms over the internet where Alkaline Trio fans are expressing their outrage about his side project. What is awesome about his side project is that there is more of an artistic feel to it from stage presence to lyrics. It seems that Matt Skiba has opened up more from the safe zone of Alkaline Trio and is bringing his fans an 80's post punk feel. The show was amazing despite not being able to interview Skiba. Due to losing his voice in the beginning of the tour he needed to save his voice for the show. It is totally understandable because the show was amazing. There is a phone interview to come. If you are an Alkaline Trio fan I suggest you keep an open mind when listening to this band. I think they are going to be breaking barriers in the future for other bands just like Alkaline Trio did in the past.

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