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Night Market: Northern Liberties

by Bianca Cevoli
Shots from the popular roving street fair. Photos by Kim-Thao Nguyen
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Five events strong since the Fall of 2010, Night Market has created quite a reputation for itself. An evening street fair that roams around the city, Night Market serves as a festival for the community. Each event picks up the distinct 'feel' of the part of town it's hosted in, so the fair brings the spirit of a block party while showcasing Philadelphia, one neighborhood at a time. 

A sleepy Northern Liberties neighborhood during the week nights, 2nd Street was wide awake the night of May 24th, as friends weaved through lines toward (what seemed like) a never-ending stretch of gourmet food trucks. Young kids could be seen darting around their families, as they pushed empty strollers toward farmers' market stands. Local runners slowed down to enjoy the sights and smells, many perusing past storefront vendors. Couples of all ages could be seen holding hands and sharing gelato. Teenagers in jean shorts danced by the band. 

Night Market was almost a scene out of a movie-- but it was just down the street. 

The next event will be held June 28th on 9th and Washington Ave in South Philly. Night Market is hosted by The Food Trust.

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