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by Tina Johnson
An exclusive Pre-Sale event

NoseGo or Yis Goodwin is a Philadelphia artist who is known for his attention-grabbing art. His style is derived from a blend of both contemporary and fine art. While many of us know him for his incredible paintings and murals, others became engaged in his style through his art-themed clothes. Each shirt reflects a character or print that has been brought to life through his creative imagination. The clothes feature eclectic patterns and a wide range of vibrant colors.

Here at Two.One.Five Magazine we have been fans of NoseGo for years! So it is no surprise that we get first dibs on his newest design. And when you're friends of're friends with our readers. So we are passing this information on to you!

Goodwin's newest t-shirt called ACUTE is being offered to us exclusively for pre-sale. Click to order at the sale price. For other clothing inquiries browse the site at or follow him on twitter @noseGo for exclusive updates on showings, events, and upcoming features.

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