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Oh Snap!: Crazy And Awesome Totally NSFW Battles Video

by Bill Chenevert
Those crazy Battles boys are back, and now they've teamed up with this team CANADA for one wild visual ride.

So Battles are a New York-based band who've put out two records now. This is the first single off their second and it's a hoot. They lost their lead vocalist, so they're rotating in singers and guests. This one features Matias Aguayo, and they got the chick from Blonde Redhead and Gary Numan from the Cars to lend their pipes, too. Most of the album is instrumental, but, that doesn't mean it's boring. Get the kids out of the room and make sure your boss isn't behind your shoulder when you hit play on this one. It's an excellent video from Barcelona-based directorial collective CANADA. They also did a rad video for El Guincho. Check that one out, too. 

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