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Philadelphia's Newest Premiere Event Space: the Waterview Lounge

by James Boney
215 Magazine sits down with owner and operator of the Waterview Lounge, Markeem Kendall, to discuss Friday nights VIP launch event.

Perched atop the 3rd floor of an impressive complex along N. Delaware Avenue, the Waterview Lounge is primed for its official VIP unveiling this upcoming Friday, June 24th. With more than 1,900 square feet of event space, the Waterview offers a magnificent vista of the Delaware River and Philadelphia Skyline.

In anticipation of the event, 215 Magazine sat down for an interview with President & CEO of Madness Studios, and Water View Lounge owner, Markeem Kendall:

You have a background in music and talent management, why did you decide to make ‘event coordinator’ part of your resume?

It was while they were building the SugarHouse Casino that I drove past this property and fell in love with it. The layout is perfect and the view is, well, amazing. It seemed like the perfect fit at the perfect time.

So the Waterview Lounge will be used exclusively as an event space?

Yes, exactly. We are marketing the lounge as a private event space only. There has already been a great deal of interest from SugarHouse executives and other businesses. Our goal is to service local organizations and private individuals for a host of different occasions.

Beyond the event space, how else do you plan on putting this location to use?

We are about a month out from completing our studios. In addition to the Waterview Lounge, this complex is going to house a full-fledged production and photography studio, and an internet radio station. We are in the process of recruiting engineers and graphic artists. When this gets put together, we are going to be a one-stop shop.

Why have you decided to include an internet radio sation?

That’s going to give us the ability to highlight artists that might otherwise not be heard. I am really about giving people an opportunity to highlight their skills.

Clearly you have yourself involved in a number of different business ventures; I am curious though, where is your passion?

Honestly, all of it. My passion is to be the next Russell Simmons. To give opportunities to people with talent – to get them heard. That way, we [Philadelphia] can have the next Jay-Z; the next Puff Daddy. I’m good at making things happen; and that is what I’m trying to do here.

So how does the recruiting process work for you? How do you find the talent?

We have a lot of people already. However, right now it’s about building the foundation. And that foundation is going to start here [Waterview Lounge]. Once a client comes here and sees the space and resources, they won’t have to go anywhere else.

Has being from Philadelphia impacted your business decisions in any way?

It absolutely has. I am from South Philly and, honestly, I am trying to shake my city up. A lot of people are saying that Philly is dead – my goal is to change their minds.

So tell me about Friday night – what do we have to look forward to?

It’s going to be an amazing time. We have Ms. Jones from Power 99 hosting the event, and the signature cocktails are ready to be poured. People have been showing a lot of interest. As long as you get on the RSVP list, its a free. I am looking forward to it – it’s going to be a great turn out and an even better time. 

The Waterview Lounge is located at:

1020 N. Delaware Ave, 3rd floor

Philadelphia, PA 19125

To RSVP for Friday’s event email: 

The event is scheduled to run from 5pm – 9pm.

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