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Philadelphia International Flower Show Preview: "Enchanting Orchids"

by Joshua Pelta-Heller
Orchids are on display at McLean Library, 20th and Arch Sts., for just one more week.
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We visited the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society this past Friday to photograph their "Enchanting Orchids" exhibit, as a preview of the upcoming Philadelphia International Flower Show.  Pete Prown, Director of Publications at PHS, pointed our cameras first to the display table that greets visitors of the McLean Library this week, which features some of the Society's most prized stars of the exhibit.  Their second library show boasts orchid species of all kinds (including one named, for some reason, after President George H. W. Bush...)  

Flip though our photo gallery for some orchid portraits, but don't let it be a substitute for going to check these out in person!  As artist Georgia O'Keefe once noted, "when you take a flower... and really look at it, it's your world, for the moment."

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