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Philly Concert Update Reaction: Jane's Addiction Come to Town

by Ryan O'Connell
Jane's Addiction play the Mann Center in August

It was announced this week that Jane’s Addiction are playing the Mann Center in Philly this summer and there is a good chance it might have prompted you to wonder aloud- wait, Jane’s Addiction still exist? My initial reaction was, really, the Mann Center? My three month old niece had no reaction whatsoever.

Whatever your reaction, ultimately it’s kind of cool that Jane’s Addiction is A) still touring and B) coming to Philly this summer and I’ll give you five reasons why.

1.) There is a chance you’ll hear “Mountain Song,” one of the most bad ass rock songs written in the past twenty…no wait…twenty five years. For me, “Mountain Song” is one of the rare tunes that when it comes on the radio, I listen to it the whole way through. Granted another one of those songs may or may not be “Let Her Cry” by Hootie and the Blowfish- but that shouldn’t matter. “Mountain Song” rocks.

2.) Sitting on the lawn at the Mann Center, singing along to “Jane Says” sounds like a lovely way to spend a summer evening…especially if you can smuggle in a bottle of wine (which neither I nor condone.)

3.) Dave Navarro might be kind of a strange dude and he might possibly sleep in a coffin (suspected, not confirmed,) but he’s a hell of a guitar player. He’s old school, a throwback rock guitar god. There’s not many of those left anymore. We need to appreciate players like Navarro before they are extinct and all we are left with is Justin Bieber.

4.) Who plays bass for Jane’s Addiction? I have no idea. I don’t think it’s the original dude and sadly it’s not Flea. For a hot minute it was Duff from Guns ‘n Roses and then when recording their most recent album, The Great Escape Artist, it was Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio. But he’s no longer involved. So that leaves…who? Guess you’ll have to go the show and find out.

5.) Perry Farrell’s voice might not be exactly what it was, but he’s still an amazing front man and still commands a room like a true rock ‘n roller should. Similar to how Navarro is a rare breed, so is Farrell. We want our musicians to enjoy what they’re doing and Farrell seems to enjoy fronting a killer rock band more than most. Plus he says things like “now’s the time. You know I figure there’s a time for everything. The universe is so big. There’s a place for it too.” I’m not sure what that means, only that it’s a cool way to introduce a song.

Jane’s Addiction play the Mann Center August 15th with openers Die Antwoord.

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