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Philly Rock Show Primer: Band of Skulls

by Ryan O'Connell
British rock band, Band of Skulls, come to Philly Thursday March 22nd.

Don’t be misled people, Band of Skulls aren’t nearly as scary as their name would suggest. The only way they could be scary is if you have a 1950’s mindset and good old rock ‘n roll makes you fearful for the future of our society and our young people. If that’s the case, then yes, there is a good chance you would be afraid of Band of Skulls.

Band of Skulls are British and there are three of them. They play the kind of fire-breathing, stomp on your soul brand of rock ‘n roll Wolfmother ushered into the public consciousness a few years ago, but lineage can be traced all the way back to Led Zeppelin and the Who. Band of Skulls are loud guitars, thumping drums and soaring vocals. Do they trash hotel rooms? I don’t know. Do they sound like they trash hotel rooms? Totally.

In late February, the band released their second studio album, Sweet Sour. While you might not have seen the Hangover II, you probably saw the trailer for the movie- which features the Band of Skulls’ “Light of the Morning.” That tune is just one of many romper stomper rock tunes on the album. It’s rock ‘n roll. “Light of the Morning” sounds like down in the swamp rock ‘n roll and “Devil Takes Care of His Own,” another song off of Sweet Sour, is balls to the wall, stadium-ready rock ‘n roll. “I Know What I Am,” from their debut album, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, is hand-clapping rock ‘n roll, which some folks might argue is the best kind of rock ‘n roll.

Band of Skulls come to Philly this Thursday to play Union Transfer. For ticket information, go here.

photos from Band of Skulls

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