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Philly Rock Show Primer: the Mallet Brothers Band

by Ryan O'Connell
New England alt-country band plays Olde City on Friday the 13th

I am not a doctor. I cannot prescribe you medicine for headaches or treatment for a gimpy knee.

With that being said, I am an unofficial music doctor, a mustor, and therefore can unofficially prescribe musical remedies for whatever it might be that is ailing you. And you, Philadelphia, I think I know what is ailing you. For starters, the heat probably is still bringing you down and news that it’s coming back isn’t make it any better. The uptick in your electric bills from running A/C units all day is no doubt a bummer, as is the amount of time you’re spending doing laundry because you’re sweating your way through five to seven t-shirts a day. That Sandusky thing won’t go away, the Phillies are a dumpster fire and traffic on Friday afternoons in the area seems to be getting junked up earlier and earlier every week.

You have ails, I have a remedy.

Some good ol’ shit-kickin’ music.

Shit-kickin’ music: a form of country music. Little rowdy, little rough around the edges, mid to fast tempo.

Shit-kickin’ music is feel good music and hence, perfect for what ails you- regardless of what the cause of the ails might be. That’s not a fact, but a statement that totally could be a fact. And lucky for us, one of the better shit-kickin’ bands out there is coming to sunny Philadelphia this Friday.

The Mallet Brothers Band are a band of rough and tumblin’ dudes from the great north woods of Maine who are currently wrapping up one of their first tours- a rollicking jaunt that took them from Maine to NYC to Tennessee to Kentucky to Ohio to western PA and finally to Philly this Friday, where they play Triumph Brewing in Olde City. The six-piece band has been voted one of the top bands in New England and has seen their second album, Low Down, receive national attention from the country’s radio stations. They play honest and gritty music, augmented by strumming guitars, sliding guitars, siblings of guitars, and friends of guitars. Brothers Luke and Will Mallet, sons of famous folk singer David Mallet, share lead vocals duties, creating a back and forth of smooth and seasoned vocals and gruff and ragged vocals- both equally awesome. And here's a bonus for ladies (and maybe some dudes,) Will Mallet was named Maine's Most Eligible Bachelor in 2011 by Cosmopolitan. How is that relevant? It's not really. It's more of a fun fact.

The band’s live shows have become borderline legendary up north and it’s why their show this Friday shouldn’t be missed. Their music is an excuse to hoot and holler; cut loose a little bit and kick away the bogging down bogged downs that are dogging you. Add that to Triumph’s delightfully delicious beer selection and you got yourself a stew, a good-time having stew.

The Mallet Brothers Band play Triumph Brewing Company in Olde City Friday July 13th.

For more info on the band, check out their website

Photos by Peter Bissel

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