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Review: Celebrating Mardi Gras with Galactic and "Carnivale Electricos"

by Ryan O'Connell
The New Orleans' funk band bring the party to Philly this Friday.

Your local bar probably already told you, but in case they didn’t- it’s Fat Tuesday. Dude it’s Mardi Gras. Why are you reading the Internet? Maybe you’re already knee deep in Mardi Gras fun-tivities and killing time in between drinks or maybe you're bidding your time at work before properly sending it this evening. That’s cool! That’s awesome! That’s totally acceptable! Good for you. In honor of Mardi Gras I felt it was appropriate to give some love to one of the best bands to come out of the lovely city of New Orleans- Galactic.

There’s a decent to good chance that you’re not familiar with Galactic, which is understandable. Their music isn’t the most mainstream out there (although their album From the Corner to the Block, done with a great collection of rappers like Chali 2Na, Boots Riley, Lyrics Born and Mr. Lif came close.) And while they haven’t done much to curry favor with the Gods of commercialism, on their latest album, they're doing their best to get cozy with the Gods of Carnival. Galactic recently released Carnivale Electricos- a beautifully concocted mixed drink of New Orleans funk, Brazilian excitement, and Zydeco jams. If this album isn’t playing somewhere where people are drinking to celebrate Mardi Gras, then something must be wrong. This is a fierce album. Some albums demand to be played loud. This is one of them.

Galactic corral a unique and diverse collection of guests on the album; bringing in everyone from Big Chief Juan Pardo and his Mardi Gras Indian Tribe the Golden Comanche to Mystikal, Cyril and Ivan Neville to the Kipp Renaissance High School Marching Band, rapper Mannie Fresh to Moyseis Marques, a samba singer from Rio de Janiero. As the years have progressed, Galactic have found their calling as one of the most diverse and capable backing bands out there this side of the Roots. On Carnivale Electricos, the party is front and center and Galactic kill it when it comes to providing a worthy soundtrack.

For a limited time, you can stream Carnivale Electricos here.

Galactic play Union Transfer in Philly this Friday, February 24th and will be joined by Corey Glover (of Living Colour) and Corey Henry (of the Rebirth Brass Band.) 

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