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Review: Fanfarlo's new album "Rooms Filled With Light"

by Ryan O'Connell
Fanfarlo returns to Philly to promote their new album.

Despite wearing jeans (it’s Casual Friday) I just wasn’t feeling today. It doesn’t help that yesterday felt like today should and I’ve drank two cups of coffee before noon and still feel like curling up under my desk and taking a nap. Under normal circumstances, I’d say today was a lost cause.

The new Fanfarlo album clearly says otherwise however.

I’ve never listened to Fanfarlo before, even though I have one of their albums on my IPod. But on a whim and because I noticed they are playing next week at my favorite new music venue in Philly, Union Transfer, I gave the band’s new album, Rooms Filled With Light, a listen. The album starts out kind of slow and frankly, how I thought Fanfarlo sounded- atmospheric and ethereal. But hold the phone, the second song comes in to crash the pity party with the force of a thousand Arcade Fires. From there it becomes remarkably clear that Fanfarlo are…wait for it…a super fun band! Color me surprised, color me newly interested and color me hoping no one here sees me dancing in my chair like a fool to this album.

No one talks about the importance of a second song on an album. Anyone can pick a good opener, but what is going to follow that tune up can make or break it for a listener- especially one fresh as daisy to that particular band like myself. The second song lets you know what is really going. Yes, we all know first impressions are crucial, but second impressions…well let’s just second impressions are what make babies, make wars and make bar tabs go up.

Rooms Filled With Light is a delightfully bright and refreshing, highly intelligent pop album. I don’t know what Fanfarlo might be like live, but if the sound emanating from these speakers of mine are any indication, it’s a damn good time.

Catch Fanfarlo at Union Transfer in Philadelphia on March 8th. Ticket info here.

Photo from Fanfarlo.

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