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Review: two new songs from Santigold

by Ryan O'Connell
She's Back! Santigold returns with two new songs off of her upcoming album "Master of My Make Believe"

Signs of summer are coming, kids. Spring Training has started for baseball, bathing suits are on sale at Target and Santigold is dropping new material. Giddy up- time to start working on my base tan!

Santigold’s upcoming record is called Master of My Make Believe and so far the eclectic rapper/new wave virtuoso/jungle pop songstress has dropped two new songs off of the release: “Big Mouth” and “Disparate Youth.”

Let’s start with “Big Mouth,” but only because it came first. The tune opens with some good old fashioned acid jungle music- hand drums, hand claps and the occasional drop of water. Then a fury of drums kick in and the only other major instrument is Santigold’s unique voice. It’s haunting, ethereal and wild. There is chanting, melodies, and rapid fire vocals. If my desk wasn’t so heavy, I’d flip it and turn my office into a disco. The track was produced by the British DJ Stitch (who Santigold worked with on her debut album) and Buraka Som Sistema (an electronic dance music group from Portugal.) The song was accompanied by both a crazy video and some fiery M.I.A. comparisons. Come on Internet, can’t there be two wild & crazy female singers out there?

Moving on, “Disparate Youth,” which just came out a few days ago, isn’t nearly as unhinged as “Big Mouth,” but is just as interesting. The vocals and music are more akin to what Santigold did on her debut. It’s more pop, than tribal and backed by more traditional instrumentation- a steady back beat, both skanking and mood-setting keyboards, a chugging bass line and jagged guitars. “Disparate Youth” is more chill than “Big Mouth,”- more of a head bobber than a head banger and will probably be the more popular of the two.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can catch Santigold opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in April (although sadly not at their Philly show) or at the first weekend of Coachella on Sunday April 15th. Master of My Make Believe is scheduled to be released May 1st. In the meantime, be on the lookout for more songs to be released, more M.I.A. comparisons to be had (and subsequently rebuked,) and more sales at Target…like a box of Life cereal for $2.50. Now that’s a deal.

photo by the Associated Press.

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