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Schoolly D And DJs Frosty & Dozia Get The Party Started For XChange

by Joshua Pelta-Heller
A New Philly Club Is Born
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Last Friday, Schoolly D and DJs Frosty and Dozia hosted the inaugural event of a party series promoting both Funk Sect's Le Dernier Cri music compilations as well as the opening of XChange, Center City's newest club.  The party featured performances from local soul singer Jessy Kyle, and a midnight show from Motown tribute band Soul Patrol.  It's one of several events still in development, as the club works to establish its regular schedule of entertainment.

As club partner Dylan Clements slapped bracelets onto the wrists of his new patrons, he talked to us about his vision for his new establishment and what you can expect from a night out at XChange any day of the week.

Dylan Clements: Our goal with XChange is to become the most cutting edge club in Philadelphia!  We have LED technology in-house, we’re getting it hooked up to a DMX system so it can react to the sound, and to the beats of any DJs that spin here.  We have huge projection TV screens, we’re gonna have karaoke that uses music videos as well, blended into the karaoke.  We want to build a network of clubs that have the most cutting edge technology, essentially, and provide the best quality of entertainment for Philadelphians at night – bands, DJs, karaoke, having the best quizo – which basically means pairing great hosts and DJs with cutting edge technology.  When you have those combined, it’s a force to be reckoned with!

Two.One.Five Magazine: When you say “network,” are you thinking franchises?

DC: Well, this is a start.  This is our flagship here.  My partner is Doug Renthal, and he and I just opened it less than a month ago, and we have big dreams for evening entertainment in Philadelphia!  We are marketing ourselves as a bar, lounge and club. 

215: Will you be running promotions or drink specials?

DC: We always have drink specials.  Every hour of every day we have drink specials.  Whether it’s college night, whether it’s Caribbean night on Wednesdays, whether it’s on the weekend, we always have drink specials.  We not only want to have the most cutting edge technology, but we also want to have the most competitive prices.  Our bottle service kits will be around $125 or $150 for high end bottles.  That’s an edge that we want to have on the market.  The club name – “XChange” – you know, we’re right across the street from the Stock Exchange.  The economy is in a dire state right now, and may be for the next five years.  We understand that, and we understand that budgets are tight.  We want to be able to provide people with cutting edge entertainment, that won’t make you cry over your credit card statement the next morning when you see it.  

215: It’s not New York!

DC: It’s not New York.  We want to be upscale, but not at upscale prices.

215: Happy Hour?  Kitchen?

DC: We have Happy Hour every Monday through Friday, from 4:00-7:00, with $4 well cocktails, $2.50 domestics, and then depending on the night – for Caribbean [Night] we have $3 Coronas, $5 Cuervo Gold margaritas, $5 Caribbean jerk wings.  We’re open 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM every day of the week.  We’ve got a great chef here, Bryan Tanczak and the kitchen right now is open until 10:00 PM, but once business starts picking up we’re looking at extending that.  We’re also looking to extend our hours to lunch as well!

Check out XChange on Facebook or in person, at 20th and Ludlow Sts.  Check out Le Dernier Cri at

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