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Spring 2012: The Color-Blocking Trend

by Sasha C. Mendez
This spring the concrete jungle will be lit with splashes of bold color. @SashaSphynx

Bold, bright, brilliant clothing has been a re-occurring theme within the world of fashion. The color-blocking trend had its start with bright colored shoes and accessories in Spring 2011. 

This spring, the playful trend will expand beyond the realm of vivid nail polish and flashy shoes into more basic pieces. Color-blocking with pastels will also be making a strong whimsical debut this season.


The Basics of Color-Blocking:

According to fashion stylist Natasha Rao, the art of color-blocking relies upon this visual equation:

 Top 1 color + bottom another color + shoe/handbag a neutral; i.e. black, tan, or metallic = fabulosity.

To avoid looking like kaleidoscope of hipster fusions, keep the color combinations to a maximum of three paired with a neutral. Also, try to maintain complimentary colors. There is no shame in consulting with the good ole’ color wheel and basing color combinations on the three point system.    


How to use the Color Wheel:

-Analogous colors: any three colors lined up next to each other on the color wheel. Example: blue, blue-violet and violet.

-Complementary colors: colors placed directly opposite each other on the wheel. Like red and green or yellow and violet.

-90 degree angles: combine colors that are at a right angle with each other. Example: Orange-yellow and green or red and violet.

-T colors: colors that form a 'T' shape. Like yellow, purple and orange-red.

-Jewel Colors: equally rich colors that flatter each other, such as emerald green and ruby red.

-Keep colors in the same saturation. Pastels with pastels, neons with neons.

-Pink trick. You can substitute 'pink' for 'red' and use all the same combinations.

colour blocking 2

This spring, embrace the expression of color. Honor those childhood years dedicated to your Crayola box by jazzing up your wardrobe with free-spirited hues. The color wheel is your friend. 

Go forth fashion heads, be brave, be bold, be brilliant.   

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