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Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

by Kim-Thao Nguyen
On February 10-12 nearly 600 tattoo artists filled the Convention Center for a weekend of skin, ink and more skin. Photos by Joshua Pelta-Heller, with Kim-Thao Nguyen

Nearly 600 tattoo artists packed the Convention Center on February 10-12. Along with the timeless artwork came hundreds of ink-clad enthusiasts from across the U.S. to participate in the daring on-site services, haunting burlesque shows and live entertainment. 

While the sounds of constant drilling into fresh, fleshy canvases could send shivers down anyone's spine, the stylish uniforms of patterned skin and pierced appendages only helped to heat up the weekend with the artists and muses who wore it best. Check out Two.One.Five.'s coverage of the annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention below.

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