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The Art of Haas & Hahn

by James Boney
Philadelphia brings international renowned Dutch artists to complete a 3 stage mural arts project over the next 18 months.

Over the past six years, the Dutch artist team known as Haas & Hahn have transformed the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with their eye catching art. Their searing use of color has managed to capture the imagination of some of Brazil’s poorest citizens. Of their 3 major works in the favelas, an especially ambitious piece from 2008 covered an immense concrete slope, bisected by an extended staircase, with a roiling stream filled with carp, rendered in the style of a Japanese tattoo.

Starting August 30th and running for 18 months, Philadelphia is proud to welcome the unique talent of these two artists.

Their first permanent work on U.S. soil, the team is set to begin re-imagining the following 3 locations in Philadelphia: the 13th street corridor owned by Goldman Properties; North Philadelphia at Lehigh and Germantown Avenues; and in Manayunk on along the face of industrial buildings running parallel with I-76.

The funding for this project, which is at just under $500,000, has been provided by The Knight Foundation, the U.S. Department of Commerce, Goldman Properties and The Manayunk Development Corporation.

Beyond sheer talent, the team of Haas & Hahn brings opportunity as well. By employing local youth in their projects, Haas & Hahn manage to encourage a sense of ownership among the communities hosting these works of art.

The team is set to begin in their work in the next few weeks.

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