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The Bodypaint.Me Experience

by Sasha C. Mendez
Meet Matt Deifer, one of Phillys leading Body Painters.


As springtime approaches, the adventurous folk of Philadelphia have a renewed interest in exploring the city’s many hidden cultural gems and of course looking warm-weather fly. What better way to welcome the sunnier days and quench that cultural thirst than by visiting the Tiberino Museum, bonding with art enthusiasts, and getting blacklight bodypainted by visual artist Matt Deifer.    


What and where is the Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum? The official address of the museum is 3819 Hamilton St. Philadelphia, PA 19104. In actuality, the museum is not located on one specific site but between four houses filled with a variety of artists, an ‘enchanted castle’ styled common courtyard decorated with sculptures and permanent murals, open theater stage, and bar. The museum was established in 1999 to honor the life and career of Ellen Powell Tiberino, renowned Philadelphia Artist, and serves to encourage artistic awareness and a love of community and spirit in the city. The Tiberino family is one of extraordinarily accomplished artists who live in the museum with other artists in a collaborative pro-creation community. For biographies of the Tiberino artists and other information:

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One artist who lives and maintains a studio (a super inviting comfy personal studio filled with eclectic delights) in the museum is Matt Deifer, founder of Bodypaint.Me and FunTown Productions. He is a self-taught bodypainter who specializes in UV/3D black light painting and pure awesomeness. Matt began bodypainting at the Tiberino Museum while creating a UV/3D canvas painting series and was inspired to randomly UV paint a friend. He posted the results to his Facebook the next morning.  One week later he was contacted by a Playboy model requesting a full body painting for a Halloween costume contest at Delilah’s in South Philly…which she won. That moment sparked the desire to incorporate his artistic skill more heavily into the realm of body painting. Matt began a crash-course of self-teaching and live body performance painting. 


Sources of inspiration that Matt draws from are Wassilly Kandinsky’s abstract painting style and world renowned black light body painter Wolf Reicherter’s UV bodypaintings, which have a strong fantasy element. These models of inspirations play a particularly strong role in Matt’s ‘Tribal Goddess Series,’ which combines blacklight 3D/UV bodypainting and improvising techniques. A lot of his pieces come from collaborating with Harlequinade Art and Joe Norris-the process involves the bodypainter, the model, and the illustrator. Bodypainting culture relies heavily on experimental techniques, live- performances, and collaborative energy. It was an easy transition for Matt to start painting EMD shows. He has over 10 years’ experience of music and entertainment experience. FunTown productions has an exciting cast of artists that includes hoop dancers, fire performers, belly dancers, live painters, fan dancers, and VJs. EMD painting was a natural step, and if you’re going to do body painting, you have to do it big.  This is the same attitude, willingness to collaborate, and high energy that Matt brings to BodyPaint.Me.

So try not to miss out on the party and the body painting! You’re next great Facebook profile picture via the hands of Matt Diefer awaits you! You can now become the 3D/UV Black light Dragon-unicorn-tribal master you’ve always wanted to be.  


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Friday, February 3, 2012

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For more information on Matt visit:

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