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The Weeknd: "Echoes of Silence"

by Melissa Alam
Three mixtapes in one year? All you Weeknd fans out there better believe it!


Drake's Toronoto-based buddy, Abel Tesfaye (otherwise known as The Weeknd), is back with his third installment of his mixtape trilogy titled "Echoes of Silence." Fans of The Weeknd will love the latest 9-track album as it follows up from the previous "House of Balloons" and "Thursday" mixtapes. A cover of the late and great Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana" creates the opening scene for Echoes of Silence, followed by 8 more soulful (and come on now, baby-making) songs full of sensual lyrical pleasure.  

Download the latest mixtape right from their site (here) and let me know what you think! Be sure to also follow The Weeknd on Twitter and Facebook for all of his latest music and videos. 

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