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The Wurxs seek to give Hip Hop its 2nd Win.

by J-B Hyppolite
Gee Moolah and Trons, AKA The Wurxs, plan to take the genre back to its roots.

The city of Philadelphia has historically been a huge contributor to Hip Hop. Artists such as Schooly D, The Roots, Will Smith, Eve, Beanie Sigel, Ms. Jade, and many others have made Philly a consistent force in the genre. Hip-hop duo, The Wurxs has their sights set on adding to Philadelphia's legacy of influential artists.

The Wurxs are comprised of Gee Moolah and Trons, two lifelong music fiends (and cousins) who grew up between Yeadon and West Philly. Their latest effort is The 2nd Win, which come's out online Thursday of this week.

“It was business as usual,” said Gee, reflecting on he and Trons focus when it came to making records.

The Wurxs started out as producers and formulated their own style. They aim to be as authentic as possible. Despite honing their skills and flexing on records, Gee and Trons were humbled to have the opportunity to work with Black Thought, Dice Raw, and Peedi Crakk. Black Thought and Dice Raw are featured on “BernardHop,” a straight up display of Philly lyricism off The 2nd Win. As if Black Thought of The Roots wasn't enough; the two were also enamored with Peedi Crakk who in one of the studio sessions, came in, dropped his verse in less than 5 minutes, and left.

The 2nd Win is the second part of a trilogy of EP's. The first is called Uptown Nights Pt. 1, which is named after the movie of the same name.

Gee and Trons beats offer a mix of jazz, message fueled voice samples, true R&B, and rhythms that compliment the lyrical ammunition they provide.

“We both have the same feeling of wanting to live forever through our music. We're really into making a timeless sound and we're really into perfecting our craft,” said Gee, who along with Trons, wanted to keep a balance of entertainment while maintaining respect for the Hip Hop.

The Wurxs, who's name is a play on getting “the works” on foods such as a hoagie, have their opinions on the current state of music and how they want to impact the game.

“We're trying to appeal to a crowd that wants more. I feel like there's a desire out there for it,” said Gee. Trons also expressed an urge for change of the current climate of mainstream music.

Anyone who's listened to The Wurxs will notice they're a tandem that reps Philadelphia to the fullest; from the city's triumphs to its tribulations. They live, breathe, and eat our town.

“I really admire the passion of the city; the passion and the soul. With most artists, no matter what they're talking about—you might like the subject they're talking about and you might not, but you'll sure as hell feel it, feel what they're trying to say.” said Trons

“Where Hip Hop was made—I'm keepin it a hundred with you; low income, poverty stricken; it's in the hood. Philly is one of the top 5 cities population wise in the whole United States, so of course it's going to have some of the biggest hoods. It's in touch where Hip Hop originated from and it's in touch with what's going on next,” said Gee.

Both artists had the sentiments that there's a growing amount of people within Philadelphia and nationwide that are through being sold a simple, less thought provoking, product of music. While there's a time and place for everyone to celebrate and escape to music, there's also a time and place to take in the artist's reality, an aspect The Wurxs seek to display.

“...I feel like at the end of the day life is getting too real. Everybody wants to talk about ballin. Everybody wants to talk about weed, everybody wants to talk about this and that, in the most simple way possible,” said Trons. “Life ain't a party anymore. Things are getting real. There's a lot of people in trouble. I'm in trouble. Financially, everybody—everybody's goin through it right now.”

The Wurxs are humble about their skills despite holding their own with Hip Hop legends. When it comes down to it they want to continue to energize the scene in Philadelphia. They want to collaborate with other Philadelphia artists that are as passionate as they are.

The Wurxs perform at Dice Raw's jam house at Dobbs every other Tuesday. Anyone looking for more information about The Wurxs, including listening to music, can do so at

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