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Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible Coming Soon to Your Bookshelf

by Kirsten Stamn

Now I know this may not appeal to all of our readers, but for those who (like me) have a serious addiction to Project Runway or those who have an appreciation for fashion this may appeal. Tim Gunn, the ever-wise and witty gentleman fashion guru, is writing a comprehensive book on the subject entitled Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet. Both informative and helpful, it will give readers a background of different periods in history and offer helpful advice for styling. 

I was particularly  excited to hear that in each chapter he's going to cover every aspect of clothing - "everything from shoes to underwear," according to People. The blogging world is abuzz with this news, with every title exclaiming "EXCLUSIVE." Not any more, sweeties. But I have to say, while I usually don't enjoy many fashion books (despite my intense love for the subject), I am looking forward to this book release. 

Gunn's first book, Gunn's Golden Rules, was a New York Times bestseller and I'm sure this next one will be just as successful. Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible is set to hit the stores in Fall 2012. 

(via People)

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