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Who is ZAKEE?

by uristocrat contributor
Who is ZAKEE? Kim interviews the West Philadelphia born and bred musical genius to find out.


Kimberly Anderson: Who is ZAKEE? 

ZAKEE: I never have been asked that before... but it depends on who you ask. I am a producer, song-writer and artist from West Philly who is a mad laidback person and enjoys living, learning and creating.

Kim: What’s different about your genre of music? 

ZAKEE: Well... nothing, I really don’t think that my genre is that different.  I admit that my approach may be a little unique and left field, but I just do things how I like it.  Being boxed in sucks, so for me to keep sane... I just make music off of feelings rather than a title or genre. I wake up in the morning and create songs from Pop, Electronic, Alternative or the dirtiest hip hop shit.  At the end of day I’m a Pop producer who puts a spin on convential songs and makes them feel organic.

Kim: Finish this sentence: ZAKEE is the best at?

ZAKEE: Being himself and smiling the entire time.

Kim: Who do you most admire?

ZAKEE: Grandmom first... but after her, I'm a big admirer of kids… They alway shave the biggest balls to really say what’s on their minds no matterwhat.  So.. if you are that kid.. I so admire you.

Kim: What would you do if you could no longer perform?

ZAKEE: For the time sake lets be optimistic but, yes I do have a back up plan.  Im launching my Production Company which will encompass music, film, production and media. So, I'll always be producing but just bigger media projects.  Im getting ready for those days regardless of what the situation may hold.

Kim: Who would you consider to be you’re peers in the music or like-minded artist?

ZAKEE: Damn so many… I'll name 5: Santigold, Little Dragon,  Theophilius London, Kid Cudi,  Coldplay

Kim: Where would you like to be in 20 yrs, and if you what would you like your legacy to be?

ZAKEE: Wow… 20 years from now, that’s a long time… It would be cool to be known as an accomplished artist, producer and traveler but at the end of day, it's really just about being just a good person.

Kim: Who/What are some of you’re cultural influences outside of music?

ZAKEE: Way too many, to name all of them, but I pull references and influences from numerous sources. My biggest probably would be from my travels and constantly waking up in new places.  Most of the time its just everyday life that I feed off of for creativity, so every day that I wake up, I'm a sponge waiting to be soaked.

ZAKEE's Assimilations album is now available. Get it now on iTunes

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